ATG LTD UK | Company Profile
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Company Profile

Company Profile

Awooze Technology Group (ATG) is a provider of all broadcast services to the growing TV, radio, and broadband communication sectors worldwide. The broadcast market is constantly changing, and our deep understanding of the constantly- changing broadcast markets and up-to-date communications technologies sets us apart among broadcast services providers. We take pride in our unmatched quality of service, and our dedication to fulfilling our customers’ needs.




ATG provides turn-key media delivery solutions that reach every corner of the globe. Our superior, tailored communications services meet varied market needs in numerous formats. Our novel business model brings consultancy, and the technical know-how required to identify and deploy the best solutions for your unique situation and business model.

We specialize in end-to-end, tailor-made broadcast communications solutions that bring your content in the right format to the right audience.
We can deliver customized solutions for communications that enhance our partners’ ability to reach their goals, today and in the future. ATG is perfectly positioned to make your broadcast project a success, whether it requires;


  • Fibre or Satellite distribution
  • Channel distribution
  • TV & Broadcast distribution
  • Internet distribution
  • Data backhaul service
  • Playout services