ATG LTD UK | Why Choose Us
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Why Choose Us

Channels have a better platform in reaching out to over 60 million viewers on Intelsat 20 and another several millions on Galaxy 19. Since the service TV channel is a 24 hours Channel, the organization will have more opportunities to broadcast live enriching and edifying Recorded Contents such as Sermons, Movies, Kids programs and other materials geared towards the growth of the church.


Organizations will also be able to broadcast all of her services LIVE on Roku worldwide TV to the millions of waiting viewers across Africa, Europe and America. There is no limit to the number of Live events the organization can transmit; be it Concerts, Live Services, Seminars, Talk Shows, Carol services, etc. The organization will have their own self generated HD signal from which media houses seeking to broadcast their events live can easily hook up with, without facing the hassles of mounting their various setups.


Every branch of the organization will also be able to connect to the live transmissions.


The WebTV Version of the television channel will also be provided in HD formats. This will be watched on smartphones, Tablets, Laptop and Desktop computers, and will be designed for the church as a value-added service.


  • ATG  provides with a 24 hours Direct-to Home Television network on Intelsat 20 satellite (formerly known as IS7/10) 68.5 Degrees East Longitude KU band Spreading over Africa, Europe, North America.ATG Global will provide with 24hours a day, 365 days in a year technical support and monitoring throughout the contract period.
  • ATG  provides rtmp publishing point for LIVE TV to playout.
  • ATG provides a Free Roku worldwide Channel and Free OTT Web TV
  • ATG provides a Free HULU CHANNEL,
  • ATG  provides a Free ANDROID TV and AMAZONE TV .